PCB Tools


PCB Tools

Kyocera provides products and services with the mindset that customer satisfaction is the top priority. Kyocera supports PCB customers by supplying PCB drills with diameters of 0.05–8.0 mm, routers and end mills with diameters of 0.2–3.2 mm, and other special PCB cutting tools.

These products are applied to rigid PCB, FPC, and rigid–flex PCB drilling and profiling processing. Our application team aims to provide efficient solutions to our customers by matching individual product characteristics to specific application requirements.


Kyocera's products are made of fine tungsten carbide materials. Our product development laboratory is constantly working on new material fabrication techniques. New developments in materials science will be applied in the design and manufacture of precision cutting tools.

Kyocera also focuses on drill repoint and tool management services to extend tool life and improve customer tool utilization. Thus, customers' tooling costs can be reduced through continuous technology development.


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